The beginning

At 2:30am on 30/08/2019 I got the call that Chey and Mat were on their way to the hospital, it was baby time! As this was baby number two for them I knew that things could happen rather quickly. I got dressed, grabbed my gear and off I went into the early hours of the morning to meet them at Ipswich Hospital.

Surrounded by love

The contractions slowed down before I arrived and emotions were high; days of pre-labour had made mama tired. A student midwife tenderly braided Chey's hair and the clothes that baby would wear were chosen and placed into the dryer.

When contractions began to intensify, Mat was there to hold her hand every step of the way. The genuine love and concern for her comfort and well-being was evident in the way he held and supported her tenderly.

Up a notch

To manage the pain of her contractions, Chey spent a lot of time in the shower where the warm water provided relief. As time progressed Chey asked for an epidural because the pain was intensifying rather quickly. The midwives guided her to a ball on the floor to assist with pain and to help with the position of baby. The ball helped and Chey seemed to go to another place. She was quiet, deep in concentration, focused on what was to come next.

Warrior Woman

As the baby began to emerge, Chey reached down to feel the baby's head. The midwives helped Chey to slow down her breathing, Mat held her hand (which she almost crushed!). In the next contraction a baby was born.

The baby was perfect, healthy and went straight into the loving arms of mama. As the gender was a surprise, everyone was excited when Chey announced "It's a girl! Can you believe it? A girl!"

Everyone was crying tears of joy.

Instant love

The love between Chey & Mat was so powerful to witness. He was amazed by his wife's strength and resilience, her capacity to continue even when things were incredibly painful. There was so much joy in their faces as they got to soak in every tiny detail about their new daughter, her hair, her eyes, her eye lashes. She was a delight. 

Meeting big brother

Even though the gender was a surprise, Byron always said that he was having a sister. So when Byron saw Willow for the first time he just melted! He showed his new baby sister his toy cars and gave her lots of kisses. He had a new best mate and he was chuffed.

Thank you so much to this lovely family for allowing me to be there to capture this very special day, it's such an honour.

x Lisa