Your session

For a lot of my clients their newborn photoshoot is the first time they've had professional photos or it's their first photoshoot in a few years.

Some clients will be quite nervous and that's perfectly okay because I will help you every step of the way. Although my sessions generally last 2-3 hours, I allocate sufficient time out of my schedule so there is no need to rush. I only work with one newborn each day, so my time is dedicated to you and your family on the day of your session.

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Before your session, I'll email you a pre-session guide which contains a few tips for your session. My number one tip is to bring snacks along with you. You're welcome to eat and drink in the studio. If you're bringing younger siblings along then I definitely recommend that you bring snacks because kids are always hungry!

You can bring along some of their favourite toys or iPad/tablet to help keep them occupied. I've got a 6 and 4 year old so I know that young kids can get excited. I'm a completely new person to your children so I spend a little time getting to know them. After a while they tend to feel at ease and like to be involved in the process. If we need to, bribes usually do the trick!

Once you arrive feel free to take a seat and make yourself at home. It's always best to start a session when baby has a full belly, so I recommend you feed if baby is due. This is where I encourage you to take your time if you're breastfeeding. I know that your baby is so young and you're only a few days into this parenting gig, so please don't rush on my account. I can keep myself busy with editing. It's completely normal for baby to feed again and sometimes again throughout the session!

After your baby has been fed, you can undress them (leaving their nappy on) and I will wrap them for photos. I use a dedicated newborn posing bag that has been designed for newborn photographers. The posing bag is my favourite to use as it provides a timeless feel to your images.

When it comes time to family photos, get in close with each other. I tell families to pretend it's cold and you all need to keep warm. The genuine love and affection you show to each other here will really shine through in your final images, so feel free to cuddle, hold hands, rest your head on your partner. Think of the first time you saw your baby or the journey you've been on to get to this point. I want to document that love you all have for each other.

Within a few weeks you'll have images to cherish forever.

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