When a new baby arrives, it can be hard to imagine what life was like before they were here. The capacity of our hearts quickly expand to become infinite as we get to know our babies and as they get to know us.

Last week I met the most darling newborn at home with her parents. At only one week old, she was tiny, precious and so loved. There were so many lovely moments to capture, so many details to preserve and freeze in time.

I went with the flow as her mum and dad cared for her. Charlie's big brother (Labrador) and sister (Amstaff) stayed close by, keeping an eye on what the fuss was all about.

Tiny fingers, teeny toes, big yawns, cuddles and gentle touches are the hallmarks of what I document during an in home session. These are the moments we will look back on and remember so dearly and it is an honour to capture these moments x Lisa