Just one photo

When I spoke to this gorgeous mama before her session, she told me that she just wanted one nice photo of her with her children. Even though she's a photographer herself, she's usually the one behind the camera. As a mama I understand how hard it can be to just get one nice photo with your kids.

Sunset in Eumundi

I arrived to the most beautiful property on the Sunshine Coast. It is lush with trees, plants and sunshine. The kids loved showing me around their property and we stopped to see some of the beautiful things along the way.

The littlest baby

Little T. is the youngest and last little baby in this family. Mama asked if I could take some breastfeeding photos because she wanted to look back on their journey. As they snuggled together I captured some super sweet images that their mama cherishes.

The end

As the sun went down behind the trees, it was time to head back to the house. Mama walked back with her sons and little Miss H. lead the pack.