Motherhood Session

As mothers we tend to spend a lot of our time behind the camera, taking photos of the important and mundane moments in life. Have you noticed how we're rarely ever in the photos? The most beautiful moments between mothers and their children don't get photographed often enough. Just because we play with our children everyday, rock our babies to sleep every nap time, or cuddle them non-stop, it doesn't mean these moments aren't worth capturing. In years to come, these are some of the times I know we'll miss the most.

My first motherhood session took place August 2019. I photographed a friend and fellow photographer along with her gorgeous children. To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement!

It was a lovely afternoon in Winter, the sun began to go down and we headed outside. There's a whole lot of love and soul in this beautiful family and their connection shone as brightly as the sun on that day. They danced, sang, cuddled, and when it was time for a break they all stayed close.

I know how hard it is to be a mother, how tiring it can be. I know how we sometimes question if we're doing the 'right' thing by our children. I also know the feeling of getting photos back from a photographer and saying to myself "Damn, we are actually amazing. My kids, so happy and so am I".

When I looked at the photos later that night I knew I'd captured some special moments for Emma and her children. I can feel the fierce bond this little trio has for each other and I'm so glad we ventured out to the field that afternoon.

x Lisa