Family Photography

What I do.

It is my goal to photograph your family in a natural and authentic way. This means I won't get you into a pose, tell you to say 'cheese' and click. I will guide you and your family the entire session to laugh, smile, gaze into each others eyes and play some games. The personality of you and your children will shine through your images and create memories that you will cherish forever.

What do you do?

On the day of your shoot I just need you all to be relaxed (easier said than done I know!). Kids pick up on our tension, so just explain how fun the time will be and I will interact with them and put them at ease. I'm very easy going and understand that running to a precise schedule with young kids is near impossible. If the kids need a break, a snack or a drink during the session then we'll take a break.

I need you to know...

I'm a mother to two very young boys who don't sit still for very long. Your different personalities are what makes your family unique and I embrace this in my photography. Sometimes people are surprised by the beautiful images they receive because they felt as though their kids were too active. I promise that from behind the camera I can see magic in every situation.